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Metronomic Insanity - David Robinson
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Upright and electric bass player, David Robinson, plays a wide variety of styles including musical theater, jazz, pop, latin, classical, and contemporary. His playing is marked by stylistic sensitivity and flexibility to suit different genres and ensembles. In addition to providing solid foundational support in musical situations, David plays with an unusually melodic approach to the bass; this simultaneous attention to melody and rhythm is derived from his experience playing the music of Victor Wooten, Jaco Pastorius, and Alain Caron.

David has a bachelor of music degree from Ambrose University where he studied composition and performance. Most of David’s performance skills were acquired at MacEwan University where he earned a diploma in jazz performance; John Taylor, Ray Baril, Bill Richards, and Bobby Cairns were some of the major influences during this time. At the conclusion of his time there, David was featured on the album released by MacEwan labeled “Song from my Heart”.

In addition to academic pursuits, David is working as a copyist for Palliser Publishing, gigging, teaching clinics and private lessons, and has started a mobile recording business. Some of the notable bands and groups that David has played with over the years include the Youth Singers of Calgary, Center Street Church orchestra and worship teams, Kyemara, the Fox Big Band, and the Canadian Badlands Passion Play.

Outside of his musical career, David enjoys spending time with his family, particularly playing with his young daughter and her favorite rubber duckies; he looks forward to when she is old enough to play an instrument and jam with her dad!



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